Started in 2012, ANVL Components is the brain child of Transition Bikes who wanted to created a unique components line that was far from a house brand. A place where they could flex their creative muscles and design the types of components they could be proud to put on their own personal bikes. They saw that the shape of the modern mountain bike was continually evolving and becoming more dynamic and felt that component manufacturers weren't keeping up with the bikes to create a harmonious package that compliments each other. ANVL Components designs products that use a very specific design language that is driven by how the sport of mountain biking is evolving both functionally and aesthetically.

The name ANVL comes from the old school artisan blacksmith skills of turning metal into tools using a hammer and anvl to form hot iron. The amount of time and effort that gets poured into even the smallest of details is something ANVL takes massive pride in.

1600 Carolina St. Bellingham, WA 98229

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